Miscellaneous information - gallery of compounds

Many compounds in chemistry are known quite well and detailed descriptions are given about these compounds. With this page, I want to add an extra dimension to that information, by simply providing pictures of many common and some less common compounds.

Especially the transition metals form many beautifully colored compounds. Many of these compounds are shown here. Many other compounds, which are white powders or white crystalline solids are not shown here. A few examples of such compounds are shown and with the pictures in mind from this site, one can perfectly imagine how many other compounds will look like.

All compounds are put in a small glass vial, with a diameter of almost 25 mm and a height from bottom to top of cap equal to 48 mm. Here, you can see an overview of many of the compounds. For detailed pictures of each individual compound, go to the list, further below.



Below follows a list of compounds with hyperlinks to pictures. This list does not contain elements, it only contains compounds, consisting of at least two elements. Click here for pictures of the elements.

acetyl chloride
alum (potassium aluminium sulfate)
cadmium selenide
cadmium sulfide
ceric sulfate
cerium oxalate
cesium dichlorobromide
cesium tribromide
chloroauric acid
chloroplatinic acid
chrome alum
chromium (III) chloride hexahydrate
chromium oxide
chromyl chloride
cobalt yellow
cobaltous chloride
cobaltous chloride anhydrous
cobaltous sulfate
copper acetate
copper carbonate basic
copper sulfate
copper sulfate anhydrous
copper tetrammine sulfate
cupric chloride
cupric oxide
cuprous chloride
ethylene diamine
"ferric ammonium citrate"
"ferric ammonium oxalate"
ferric ammonium sulfate
ferric oxide
ferrous ammonium sulfate
ferrous sulfate
ferrous sulfide
folic acid
gallium arsenide
indium arsenide
indium phosphide
iodine monochloride
lead iodide
lead tetroxide (minium)
manganese dioxide
manganese violet
manganous chloride anhydrous
manganous sulfate
mercury(II) iodide
mercury(II) oxide
molybdenum trioxide
nickel carbonate basic
nickel hexammine bromide
nickel sulfate
nickel sulfate anhydrous
niobium pentachloride
nitrogen dioxide
palladium chloride
osmium tetroxide
phosphorus tribromide
phosphorus pentabromide
phosphorus heptabromide
phosphorus pentachloride
phosphorus trisulfide
potassium bis(oxalato)chromate (III)
potassium chromate
potassium cyanide
potassium dichromate
potassium ferricyanide
potassium ferrocyanide
potassium permanganate
potassium tetrachloroiodide
potassium tetraperoxochromate (V)
potassium tris(oxalato)chromate (III)
praseodymium chloride
pyrite (iron disulfide)
silver nitrate
silver oxide
sodium borohydride
sodium nitrite
sodium peroxide
sodium sulfide
sodium sulfite
sodium sulfite hydrate
sodium thiosulfate
sulphur bromide
sulphuryl chloride
tetraammine copper nitrate (TACN)
uranyl nitrate
vanadium pentoxide
vanadyl acetylacetonate
vanadyl sulfate



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