Chemistry -- some general remarks

Chemistry in particular can be a very rewarding part of science, also for an amateur. Although things are getting harder, due to social fear and fear of claims, it still is quite well possible to perform nice experiments in chemistry. Of all the sciences, in which more than a computer or just pen and paper is needed, chemistry probably is the one, where one can reach the best results, even with a limited budget.

The part on chemistry is divided in multiple parts, as shown in the navigation menu on the left of this page. All info, given here, is geared towards the amateur, with only a moderate budget and with minimal equipment.

The section on the elements covers many chemical elements from the point of view of the chemistry hobbyist. In the course of the years, I collected a fairly large set of chemicals from varying sources and here I want to share my experiences with others. In this section, it is described for many elements what makes them interesting (or not) for the chemistry hobbyist and emphasis is put on compounds, suitable for a home lab.

The experiments-section gives a large number of experiments. Some experiments are described in great detail with pictures and the like, while others are described only briefly.

While I performed experiments in chemistry, I did some observations, which I could not explain easily. Some of these observations are discussed on Usenet group sci.chem, others are just presented here. A number of interesting riddles (and experiments) are given in the riddles-section.

Finally, the miscellaneous section contains general resources, which may be of interest for the amateur chemist. Topics, covered there are, among others, suppliers of chemicals, some theory, software for chemists. The compounds-section gives detailed pictures of a number of compounds. Especially the first row transition elements form many colorful compounds and here a set of compounds is shown in nice pictures. The solutions-section gives pictures of solutions of common (and some less common) ions and precipitates.




Safety and environment

Home-chemistry can be very interesting and rewarding, but this also introduces certain risks, both in storage of chemicals and when experimenting with the chemicals. Be careful when performing experiments and keep yourself and the environment happy!

On this site, extensive safety information is given for each of the described experiments. When applicable, also information is given on safe disposal of the chemicals. Please take into account the risks and environmental issues. In doing so and acting responsibly, the hobby of home-chemistry may remain possible in the future as well. Every person, abusing the 'rules', makes it more and more difficult for others to enjoy their hobby.





Although the author believes that the information on this site is useful and may lead to good results, the author cannot bear any responsibility for any losses or injuries, resulting from the use of the information from this site. The following disclaimer holds for the entire chemistry section of this site:

Neither the author nor the publishers of the information provided on this site may be held responsible or liable for the use of this information. It may not be assumed that all necessary warnings, precautionary measures, and waste disposal regulations are contained on this site or that any such information provided is up-to-date or correct.

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