Software for different purposes

During the years, I have developed quite some software, both as a professional and in hobby projects. The software, developed as professional, was written for customers and cannot be published here.

Writing software has been and still is something which can make me enthusiastic. Software for me is not the goal on its own. Software has to serve a purpose. Some people are interested in the science of software development itself (e.g. the process of software engineering, development of new program languages, development of new programming paradigms), but for me, the main interest has been the solving of other problems by means of software. During the years, I had many hobby projects, in which I had to solve problems in the fields of mathematics, data communications, physics, electronics and chemistry. Using my knowledge of software engineering I solved many problems by writing software. While solving these problems, the software development projects grew out as complete hobby projects on their own. In later projects I and some of my friends used these programs and libraries frequently and while doing so, these programs have become well tested. At this point in time, I want to share these programs with a larger public. I do not feel the need to commercialize the programs, I hope that someone will like the programs and that these programs can serve as a basis for other's interesting projects.

Here, a list of programs and libraries is given, which I have developed during the years. Some of these are complete programs, which are ready to use, others are just concepts, which can be worked out further and still others are complete libraries, which can be used in your own programs. Each of the links below gives a description of a piece of software and a link for downloading it. If a piece of software depends on an external product, then that is explained clearly in the description of the software and a link to the external product is provided.

programs and libraries for performing numerical computations:

programs and libraries for performing network communications:

  • emulation of a serial line through a TCP connection, suitable for tunneling PPP or any other protocol on top of the serial line protocol;
  • socket-based framework for client/server applications, based on TCP/IP, UDP/IP and other communication protocols;
  • client/server based game engine.

programs for simulation of physical systems:

As mentioned already, the software, published on this site is well-tested and the software really works. Feel free to play with the software and feel free to use ideas and or parts of the software in your own projects. You are allowed to publish projects, based on the software from this place, but if you do so, please refer to the original software.

If you find bugs in the software, please let me know. I cannot guarantee prompt fixing of the bugs, but I'll certainly look at the description of the bug and reply on it. If you report a bug, please describe all steps, needed to reproduce the bug. If possible try to determine a scenario, as simple as possible, which reproduces the bug.

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