Hexachloroplatinic acid  -  H2PtCl66H2O



A sample of 1 gram of a compound, sold as "platinum chloride", hermetically sealed in a glass ampoule. This, however, is not real platinum chloride. This is hexachloroplatinic acid, a compound, sometimes incorrectly named "platinum chloride". A similar bad naming convention exists for tetrachloroauric acid, which mistakenly is called "gold chloride".

A close-up of the ampoule with the solid is given below:



In total, the amount of this chemical is 8 grams, distributed over 8 ampoules. All ampoules are shown in the picture below, together with three labels. Originally, the ampoules were wrapped in the labels, but unfortunately, most labels were very bad and illegible. Three of the 8 labels could be carefully taken off and cleaned to make their appearance acceptable again.


The picture also shows that the material in the ampoules looks a little bit humid. Some ampoules have nicely dry crystals in them, some other ampoules have a somewhat more wet-looking solid inside them.