Experiments with mathematics

Mathematics is a science which lends itself for experimenting very well. On this webpage, several experiments are given, which demonstrate a specific aspect of mathematics. Most of these experiments can be carried out on a standard PC with one of the Microsoft Windows versions or with one of the Linux versions. If additional software is needed, it is open source and one can download that software. Some of the experiments also require the use of physical components, such as electronics, and this is done in order to demonstrate the intimate connection between mathematics and physics. Some physics can be described really beautifully with mathematics and there are experiments where this is demonstrated.

All experiments on this page are 100% safe and none of the experiments requires the use of possibly dangerous materials or equipment. So, the warnings which exist on the physics and chemistry pages do not apply here.


Here follows a list of experiments, which can be performed at home very well, and which also are quite interesting.


chaos in a sine wave oscillator


beautiful patterns in roots of polynomials



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