Chemical equation solver

Solving chemical equations sometimes can be a hard and tedious job, when it has to be done by hand. One should be capable of solving such equations, but when things become more complicated, then solving such equations can be cumbersome, just because of the computations needed.

For this purpose I have developed a piece of software for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003, which can be used to solve chemical equations. The software is available in executable format only. In due time, the source code will be released, but there are still some mathematical issues to be resolved in the software.

Before downloading and trying to use the program, please read the tutorial, at least the part about the basics. Reading this just takes a few minutes from your time and saves a lot of questions or troubles. The program is really easy to use (no setup at all, a direct starter) once you have read the tutorial.

The executable file and a text file with some more info on the input format are given below. There also is a file This is the same as chemeq.exe. Some proxies/firewalls do not allow downloads of .exe files, so that is why there is a .abc file. If you have problems downloading chemeq.exe, then download and rename it to chemeq.exe on your PC. The program does not need any installation, simply put it at your favorite place or on your desktop and click its icon or start it from a command line prompt.

Some exampe files, which show what the program can do:

Simply open the files by using the "Open from file" button.

If you take the program from this site, then it is guaranteed to be free of viruses. You may check the chemeq.exe program by means of the signature checking tool at the following site: If the MD5 signature from your downloaded chemeq.exe is not the same as the one, given above, then the program should not be trusted.



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