Interesting and cool links

Many other people and companies also have done a good job in making beautiful sites, nice products, etc. Here, I give a list of links, with short descriptions. Judge the quality of the sites yourself... Spread over my complete site there are other links, but the ones given here, are the ones, I like most.


Science related links

  • - my favorite website for chemical experiments. A really good site with well-described experiments, with good pictures and good directions on safety and disposal. The nice thing of this site is that the experiments are such, that they also are feasible for a home lab. This site is in German.

  • - A website with pictures of stunning samples of almost all chemical elements. The owner of this site is a very nice guy. He is not a seller of element samples, but sometimes he has the time to make samples for exchange, or for sale for very honest prices. In this way, I also obtained a few cool samples.

  • - a good site for chemists of all kinds. Helps with high school subjects. This site is very interesting for the hobby chemist and for the chemist who just wants to know more of the subject. A still-growing community of people contributes to this site in a very positive way. Contains several forums, most on chemistry, but there also are some general forums. The forums are moderated.

  • - a set of science-related forums, with all kinds of sciences. The forums are moderated.

  • - a forum for the real home chemists, who do not shy away of synthesizing their own reagents. This is a very rich source of information for the advanced home chemist. This forum also is moderated.

  • - a beautiful initiative. An online free encyclopedia, to which everyone can contribute. Most articles are of good quality, but because of the unlimited (and not formally checked) contribution model, one has to be aware of the risk of false information. However, my experience with this is very good.

  • - another set of forums for people, who have Dutch as their native language. Many interesting subjects are covered here, some at a high scientific level, others at the high-school level. This set of forums is moderated.


Suppliers who ship worldwide most chemicals from their lists


Software, which I think is really good

  • - a general very fast and reliable multi-precision arithmetic package. A must-have if you do anything with number theory.

  • - an image manipulation program as good as Photoshop, but totally free. If you do anything with digital images, give it a try!

  • + THTTPD - this combo powers my site "Science made alive". It is really cool to have a fairly large website on a tiny device like the NSLU2, which uses only a few Watts of electrical power. The software from this community makes it all possible. Development around the NSLU2 is still going on.

  • - a free and incredibly complete package for easily performing numerical computations in many fields of science. Also has powerful graphics for visualizing the results of your computations.

  • - a free and easy to use little program for editing videos and saving them in AVI format. Also allows good compression, provided the right codec is available.

  • - a codec, which seamlessly integrates with windows and can be used for playback of Xvid-videos (all my videos are compressed, using this codec). When this codec is installed, then the Xvid-compression option also is available from VirtualDub.


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