The art of wondering makes life worth living

As a young boy I already was fascinated by the processes in Nature, which make it look as it looks today. At those times I conducted several experiments with materials, available in and around the house. Later on, this interest in Nature did not disappear. Although I'm not working in science anymore as a professional, the enthusiasm for science did not disappear.

On this site, I want to show that science can be fun and very rewarding, also at the level of the amateur. This site is not intended as a state of the art research-forum, nor as a place where all newest insights are presented to the public. Its main purpose is to share my enthusiasm for science with other people and I hope that this site also makes other people enthusiastic for science.

This site is split in several parts, each part devoted to a part of science, in which I actively conduct experiments and in which I actively am working as an amateur at a reasonable level. The navigator-menu at the left of this site can be used to easily navigate throughout this site and is present on each page.

I hope you will enjoy reading this site.



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